5 Must-See Things in Bhutan, no one told you about :)

Tiger’s Nest…Chelela Pass…Paro…Dochilla…Thimpu

NO! These are a little to obvious,nai? Bhutan is not like any other international trip that you will take(though not really considered international for Indians, as we do not need visa to enter). But no malls, no big cars, no late night parties…nothing of this sort! But still, something that will leave you spell bound…

So lets get straight to the point, here are 5 things that you JUST have to see (read: notice) in Bhutan: 

1. The SKY!

SkyThe first thing that will strike you is the clear sky…almost looks like a painting! Actually, it is like someone just painted it in that blue color! Too much prettiness…

2. Fresh Air

Okay, I agree you can’t see air, but still…bhavnao ko samjho (understand the feelings 😛 ), you can really notice a difference in the air that you breathe, you can feel your lungs opening up, the fresh air – giving you a feel of nature, purity & serenity.

3. Rainbows!!!!!

image_7 rainbow







I think you can see more rainbows in 5 days, than you will see in 5 years in Delhi! We were lucky enough to see 3 rainbows at the same moment, and that wasn’t the end of it- we saw more in the consecutive days! The rainbows & their colors are just so clear…

4.  The People

The people, the faces, the smiles, the kids, the warmth, the love, the genuineness, the honesty – all this & more would just make you feel at total ease! Happy go lucky, stress-free, friendly – 3 words that describe Bhutanese people the best, I think!

5. The River


Just look at the river, just look! I mean, its the calmest, cleanest & the most serene river you will see. It’s almost crystal clear, best part at Paro, you can go sit near the river any time & just listen to it! Nirvana much!

Nature at it’s best! A lot of things hit you and make you question the way of our living… A trip to Bhutan can make you wonder a lot… But its never about finding the answers… 🙂


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  1. poonam pathela says:

    Makes me want to go too!

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