Girls, Beware & Aware – Everywhere!

Let’s face it all of us have literally grown up hearing, seeing, reading about sexual harassment, rapes, eve teasing, and what not. Unfortunately its a part of our society, unfortunately we learn to live with it, unfortunately we also have to face such situations. A personal experience today has left me shocked, scarred, out of…

26 Lessons Learnt By The Time You Are 26

Quarter-life crisis is what I would call my current situation!

It’s funny, difficult, scary, sad, happy – all at the same time! But CONFUSED for sure! I wonder sometimes – why can’t I be that person, who knows exactly what she wants in life – and go and get it. But the truth is, I’m still figuring life out :/

21 Things I am Looking for, in My Guy :D

Guy: “Girls who have studied literature can never fall in love” Girl: “Of course they can, the only problem is, they fall in love with fictional men, who don’t exist anymore!” Me: DITTO! It cannot get truer than this, when I sit and think what kind of a guy I would like to be with…