26 Lessons Learnt By The Time You Are 26

Quarter-life crisis is what I would call my current situation!

It’s funny, difficult, scary, sad, happy – all at the same time! But CONFUSED for sure! I wonder sometimes – why can’t I be that person, who knows exactly what she wants in life – and go and get it. But the truth is, I’m still figuring life out :/

While I am in the process of learning, lets see the lessons learnt till now-Β 

  1. People change – not everyone is a real friend
  2. You don’t have to do something you don’t want to
  3. Go with your gut – it’s usually correct
  4. Stand up for what you Believe!
  5. No matter what you study, however good or bad your result was – you can end up doing something totally different
  6. Masters is over-rated – job experience is the real deal
  7. There is no right age to get married
  8. There is no right guy to get married to either πŸ˜›
  9. Everybody comes to a point where they practically hate their own life
  10. Anybody can make mistakes – it’s allowed
  11. You can be confused about anything and everything – it’s ok
  12. There are a lot of jerks out there (including exes :))
  13. Not all exes are jerks – you can be friends with them
  14. No point to keep explaining yourself – people usually believe what they want to anyway
  15. There is a thin line between learning to let go and holding on
  16. The only person you should keep as priority is you – with family a close second
  17. The only thing you should chase is happiness
  18. You have to be your own best friend
  19. TRAVEL is highly under-rated, it’s never enough
  20. Always listen to both sides of a story
  21. Nobody fits in
  22. Always keep one passion alive – would be the best stress buster ever
  23. Playing by the rules can be very monotonous
  24. Know your limits – set them for yourself
  25. The social-media life of people can be totally different from their real life
  26. Never stop believing in miracles

Oh ya! Never forget one golden rule – You are not as old as you think πŸ˜› This is the youngest you will ever be!

This one is for everybody who has been a part of my life – ever. Thank you, for all the experiences. It really is, about the journey and not the destination – and every journey has some bumps, ups and downs! Still trying to figure out where I have to reach but I surely will get there.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Tushar Gupta says:

    well written Latika. Very true.

  2. nicely put latika and so agree with all

  3. deepak says:

    Very well summed up! couldn’t agree more.

  4. Loved it latika! πŸ™‚

  5. Insightful even as i brood about turning 28….
    But as you said, this is the youngest we will ever be.

  6. hitesg says:


  7. * GOLDEN RULE * – Lovely πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you everyone!

  9. Vagabond says:

    It is not a life crisis, this is WISDOM you have gained @26, bravo, keep going, stay happy cheers

  10. Mayank says:

    When did u become a blogger?
    Superwomen eh?

    1. Just trying πŸ™‚

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