6 Best Online Shopping Hacks for this Festive Season!

Festive season is here! You see a sale at every corner, of not only markets but also on your phone. Yes, every other app will have some or the other sale which will make shopping more of a task than a pleasure. Decided to come up with hacks, which will not only help you save time & money – but also help you keep your peace of mind while you try and shop online. 

  1. Know what you want

It is very easy to get carried away and just check out deals – trust me, you will end up with impulsive purchases. Know what you exactly want to buy, this will narrow down choice, save time & energy big time. It’s easier to look for something specific than to look through crores of products.

2.  Be open to view Similar Products

A lot of times you might get almost the same thing at a better price or maybe a better design in the similar price range, if you are open to view options. Another brand, similar design, different app – as long as you are not stuck totally there is always a better option available.

3.  Always Compare Prices

Don’t be blinded or fooled by that 80% off deal – it might turn out that the MRP has been inflated or it might be available for 90% off somewhere else. Know the right apps for particular products (like I will buy fashion products by Jabong or Myntra, I rely on Flipkart & Paytm for electronics etc.) – and always check out the prices amongst at least 3 apps before you buy.

4.  Deal with the Sold-out situation

Liked something but it’s out of stock? That’s ok! These apps are here to sell, sooner or later it will come back – but it might be at a higher price. Find it on another platform before it’s sold out there as well or read point no. 2 and look for similar products 🙂

5.  Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

7 out of 10 times there will be coupons available which will make you save money, offer you a cashback, get you a discount coupon or give you a free product! You just need to find it.

So, I understand it’s easier said than done. It might sound like these are easy – but yes you are right in thinking that who has the patience to open up 7 different apps to check prices in all of them – or even view similar products. But I also know the pain you go through when you find out your friend bought that dress at 500 bucks cheaper than you, or how you brother got a cashback of 5k on the phone both of you bought! So, here is the biggest hack of hack

6.  Voodoo – black magic on all your apps!

This helps you do all of the above steps with just 1 click? Crazy right? Just read below & see how.

  1. Download Voodoo app
  2. Use your phone like you always do – shop, book cabs, order food etc.
  3. Voodoo pops up wherever it thinks you can save time or money

Yes, it is that easy. The Voodoo icon will pop up when you are buying that phone & show you the price of it across all other apps; it will also populate all available coupons which you can use and show similar products across all fashion apps.

This has really changed the way I used to shop & I hope it can help you guys too! Check it out



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