Girls, Beware & Aware – Everywhere!

Let’s face it all of us have literally grown up hearing, seeing, reading about sexual harassment, rapes, eve teasing, and what not. Unfortunately its a part of our society, unfortunately we learn to live with it, unfortunately we also have to face such situations. A personal experience today has left me shocked, scarred, out of words and in tears. Well, to clear the air – nothing that serious. No one passed a lewd remark or tried to touch me inappropriately but yes it still hurt. Maybe because I had never even heard about something like this, maybe because I never imagined ke aisa kuch ho sakta hai, maybe because where it happened is supposed to be a super posh & safe place, maybe because it made me feel that girls are not safe -anywhere. I don’t know. Actually maybe because some men are just SICK! There can be no other reason

To cut a long story short I happened to use a restroom of one of the 5 stars in Gurgaon – keeping the name anonymous as they will hopefully take appropriate action and I am posting this just to make everyone aware and not for anything else. What followed is quite weird. I was walking and there was a bunch of cleaners whom I asked where the ladies room was. I followed the direction, while I was on a call with a friend. While inside the loo, I noticed a shadow near the door (you know the doors are cut from below) but then what I realised was that the shadow is not of anyones foot, but actually a man’s head. Well, yes a man was actually peeping inside the bathroom. I suddenly shouted and by the time I could get my thoughts together and get up to open the door I just saw someone closing the main door. I ran, even opened the mens washroom door (thinking he might have run there) but couldn’t catch him. When I look back I think I should have checked the washroom for the disabled which was right next door but I think I couldn’t think clearly. I obviously made noise, told my brother, told the authorities, they started checking the security cams – but they have a pillar or something blocking the view so nothing was found yet. I sat in the car and tears just started flowing – my brother tried to explain that there is no point of crying because of sick people – they are not worth it. I agree, but the tears came out of frustration, anger and helplessness.

My mom heard the whole incident and went on to say that now onwards 2 girls should go to the loo together – even in a 5 star! Of course a typical motherly reaction. But dude, where is our society going? How do I let my 4 year old niece even go to the park? How do I feel safe? Despite being born and brought up in this city – of being in love with it. Now suddenly I question my decision of staying here. Running away is no option. But the thought does cross my head.

This is just a sincere request to all girls to please beware and keep your eyes open. We are supposedly not safe anywhere. It’s a request to everyone to at least try and make a difference. It was a small incident for a lot of people but it has shaken me enough. I am still trying to get my head straight and get my thoughts together properly. Oh ya, weren’t we celebrating Women’s Day just 3 days ago?

But yes all I can say right now is Girls Beware & Aware – Everywhere!!




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  1. nidhisethi says:

    This is indeed shocking. You did all u could,try to chalk this incident as a lesson and be even more cautious next time. What I am super proud is that you voiced this as much as you could so that no other girl has to face this horrible experience. Even if you don’t catch that guy at least he d be scared to repeat this shameful act ever in fear of getting caught. U’re a brave girl and u did everything right, you are absolutely at no fault here.

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