5 Myths about Dancers – Busted!

On this World Dance Day, I wanted to write about common misconceptions that people have about Dancers. There are so many things you hear and sometimes even face – and usually when you come across them at a young age, you tend to believe them. A lot of these come from personal experience or general observation! Here we go –

  1. You have to be a born dancer!

Okay, trust me when I say this! Natural dancer, born dancer – there are so many names we hear but honestly I have personally seen people who had “2 left feet” as they call it, becoming the best dancers in a group – their love for dance, passion and hard work made all the difference. I have seen them becoming soloists,  leads and even choreographers! So next time, just go join a class if you want and remember: yes, there is talent, but a lot of times your dedication and hard work would help you overtake the talent 🙂

The only person who’s stopping you is you!

2. To be a good dancer you have to be stick thin

This surely comes out of personal experience 😉 dude, really? Look around, actually look abroad – some of the most famous dancers & choreographers don’t really have a ballerina figure. It’s ok, at one point in time I had mind washed myself into believing that I cannot do this, only because I couldn’t get the perfect figure. With age and maturity I understood that everyone has their body type and even style of dance,and today finally I know that your figure should not be what you should be worried about!

Just Dance!

3. All dancers can choreograph & teach

So there are dancers, choreographer and teachers – and not necessarily 1 person can be all 3. Yes,you can train yourself to be all 3, but honestly a lot of times you have to understand yourself,what you love doing and what you should do! I know of fabulous dancers who cannot teach for nuts – then I also know kickass teachers who cannot choreograph that well.

The best thing to do is know yourself!

4. To be a dancer you should start young

Yes, for ballet most likely yes. But you enjoy dance? you love dance? What the heck, just start when you want to! Like mentioned earlier, dedication, hard work and in this case a good teacher can just make the difference needed! Start whenever you want, start how you want and enjoy yourself.

Age is just a number in your head 😉

5. Flexibility & elevation are pre-requisites to be a dancer

Both of the above come with a lot of (I mean A LOT of) persistence and training – but they come nonetheless. You are generally not born with them – no one was probably born with a gifted full split! If you cannot leap or jump 5 feet in the air  it does not make you any less of a dancer. There are different styles which need different things ofthe dancers body  – see where you belong and work towards that.

Just Dance your heart out – leave everything else!

So, if you stopped yourself from joining class, dancing at a club or even becoming a professional because of any of the above point, please,it’s my sincere request give it a shot. It can be life changing!

Just do it, just go ahead, give it 1 hour, twice/thrice a week for 3 months and see for yourself – take my word for it.

Wish you a lot of love & dancing!



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