If you are tired of hearing these 5 things, you are a Dancer!

Keeping it super short and crisp, here are 5 things every Dancer is tired of hearing – from friends, relatives, parents, cousins, the list can go on –


5 Myths about Dancers – Busted!

On this World Dance Day, I wanted to write about common misconceptions that people have about Dancers. There are so many things you hear and sometimes even face – and usually when you come across them at a young age, you tend to believe them. A lot of these come from personal experience or general…

11 Signs Proving You Are A Dancer

So, seeing how World Dance Day is getting celebrated surely makes me jealous of sitting on my desk doing my daily job without being able to DANCE! I decided I have to do something…here is my tribute 🙂 Here are the top 11 signs (in random order) that you are a dancer or have been…