If you are tired of hearing these 5 things, you are a Dancer!

This has become an yearly ritual! My way of celebrating International Dance Day 😀 for the past 3 years, I try and come out with one blog regarding Dance! My love for this art just keeps increasing year by year and the idea of getting connected to Dancers all over the world with the help of my writing just keeps me too excited.

Keeping it super short and crisp, here are 5 things every Dancer is tired of hearing – from friends, relatives, parents, cousins, the list can go on –

1. It’s just one class, miss it!

No. No. Just No. That is not possible for us, if you take it as prioritising dance over you – guess what 😉 Honestly, one of the best things you learn from Dance is Discipline and that does not allow us to skip dance class. Plus, we most likely enjoy dancing more than anything else so yeah missing dance for a movie or a lunch with friends is not a bargain at all!

P.s. – We would usually be ready to miss study classes for dance.

2. Oh! You Dance – can you do splits and walk on your toes? Show us

Well, we probably can do some of these things – but appropriate clothing, a warmed up body, the proper place are just some of the things to be considered when you ask us to show things like these 😀 Try inviting yourself for a class or a studio and we would gladly want to show off!

3. So, you dance – but what else do you do for a living?

This would be specially true if you are based in India. It gets difficult to explain that, between hours of rehearsals and dance classes – fitting a proper lunch is difficult, let alone another career! Perspectives really need to change and so does this question! Dancing actually is more than just taking a few dance lessons for kids – teaching, choreographing, backstage dancing, etc. are multiple things which Dancers can do and mostly are multi-tasking between.

4. *On the Dance Floor at a party* “Can you teach me this xyz cool move?”

Yes, very gladly but IN CLASS. No hard feelings but while at a party if we let our hair down and are just enjoying the music, we might not want to be under constant scrutiny + unless you want a dance battle or a dance class to start in the middle of a party – lets keep all the teaching away.

5. It must be so easy for you to keep fit – never need the gym!

Yeah, if you consider 10 hours of dance practise, rehearsal, work outs almost 7 days a week easy – it is easy for dancers to keep fit. We don’t complain about sore muscles or how hard it is because of our love for the art – not because it is easy. We enjoy it but it doesn’t make it any simpler.

There must be so many other things that people keep saying to Dancers – which can get a tad bit annoying at times. But I am sure you must have heard all of the above at least once in your life – which definitely means that you take Dance seriously *hi5*! Please do tell me all other points that you have heard and are tired of hearing in the comments section below – I look forward to reading them!



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