Cysteine Hair Treatment for Frizz-free hair! How’s it different from Keratin?

This is the worst time for hair! The frizz is out of control, your hair is falling and generally looking like a mess. I had been reading about different treatments that I could get done on my hair to take this all away but was always too scared of chemicals, after effects, breakage etc.I got something known as Cysteine Hair treatment done. Its supposedly the organic or better version of Keratin without the deadly chemical – formaldehyde.

21 Things I am Looking for, in My Guy :D

Guy: “Girls who have studied literature can never fall in love” Girl: “Of course they can, the only problem is, they fall in love with fictional men, who don’t exist anymore!” Me: DITTO! It cannot get truer than this, when I sit and think what kind of a guy I would like to be with…