Cysteine Hair Treatment for Frizz-free hair! How’s it different from Keratin?

This is the worst time for hair! The frizz is out of control, your hair is falling and generally looking like a mess. I had been reading about different treatments that I could get done on my hair to take this all away but was always too scared of chemicals, after effects, breakage etc.

For the past one month, the number of compliments I got for my hair has been so encouraging that I wanted to share my secret with everyone! I got something known as Cysteine Hair treatment done. Its supposedly the organic or better version of Keratin without the deadly chemical – formaldehyde. Meant to be safer than Keratin, Cysteine is used to soften curls and strengthen your hair. After a lot of research and over thinking I finally took the plunge and honestly I am quite happy with my hair. I still wanted to pen down the process, the pros, the cons, all details which could help you!

Please note my hair has had no treatments in years – no colour, no bleach, no henna – nothing! It was just frizzy and broken but still straight. Only problem was that, the day I would wash them – they would look unruly and unkempt – which was annoying for me. I wanted my hair to be hassle-free, natural looking but still pretty. So Cysteine works exactly like keratin – but it only nourishes the hair to make it shine more. My friend who introduced me to this treatment, took me to Geetanjali at Vasant Kunj (also to her trusted hair stylist).

Here is all you need to know about this treatment –

The process explained below

Cost – 7-10k depending on hair type and length

Time – 2.5 hours minimum

Here are the steps –

1.Wash, Wash, Wash!

I think they wash 3-4 times to make sure there is no dirt/oil etc.

2. Dry

They then dried my hair on full blast.



3. Product

After this, they put product taking thin sections of my hair and starting 2 inches away from my scalp. It’s the same way they put on product during a hair spa. He was using Amazon Cysteine Complex.


4. After the product, they ironed my hair in smaller sections. This is done at a high temperature to make sure the hair absorbs the product.

5. Wrap

He then carefully wrapped cling film on my hair – making sure there are no creases.


6. Iron

He again ironed my hair after 30 minutes of keeping the cling film.

7. Rinse

Then my hair was gently rinsed.

8. Blow Dry

The final step was the blow dry!


& Voila! Heres how my hair looked after 2.5 hours – ignore the tired face please! This looks poker straight but only because the product was still on. I went for a wash after 2 days after which hair was very natural and shiny.



This is how my hair looks after 1 month, freshly washed, air dried and not even combed!


Coming to the pros of Cysteine treatment –

  1. Hair looks super shiny and healthy.
  2. Zero effort required for styling.
  3. There is not too much after care – just a sulphate free shampoo required.
  4. My hair stylist was ok about me pinning, tying up hair etc. even when the product was on for 2 days.

Cons –

  1. Hair tend to get oily faster
  2. If you have thin hair – they might look flatter or lesser in volume.

Overall Cysteine Hair treatment worked quite well for me – I am thinking of getting it done every year now – but do your research. Consult your hair stylist and see if the look would suit you. It is not widely available so you will have to find out as well.

To see how my hair looked throughout the month – you can take a look at my instagram @latikapathela

Feel free to ask me anything about this treatment and I will try and help as much as I can.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Hair Day!


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