Moffat – The lesser known but Must Visit town in Scotland!

Never realised a longer route back to London from Scotland would make us discover a place which we would fall in love with, the minute we stepped out of the car!

Moffat is that place! A friend recommended a more picturesque drive back to London and said Moffat might be a good mid-spot. We decided to do it – best decision ever! The drive to this place was too pretty to be true –


Here are a couple of things I got to know when I researched about Moffat –

  1. It was a spa town and very well known for its wool trade.
  2. They have a population of 2500 (I think one locality in Delhi has more – just imagine the serenity of the place!)
  3. As per wikipedia – Moffat is a former burgh in Dumfries and Galloway, lying on the River Annan.
  4. It also is the home to the Worlds Narrowest hotel!

Honestly, we were not aware of any of this when we landed up there. Reached the town market of sorts and just parked there. Very hungry, we walked to this small hole in the wall kind of place called Fish and Chips and guess what we ordered? Haha, yes fish & chips and believe me when I say this, they were the lightest, most melt-in-the-mouth fish & chips I tried in my whole trip.

We then roamed around and being Delhi girls walked into the Wool emporium shop. We were surprised to see Harris tweed jackets, suits and even picked up Harris Tweed gloves! yay! The shop owner was so friendly – it really made us wonder on where all the niceties have gone in our city! It was a total pleasure to just talk to anyone in this town!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 5.02.19 PM (1)

Here is a small tour of the place –

P.s. – Please ignore my tired face and not too sure if I pronounced the name of the city properly.


Next up was my sweet tooth craving! We saw a corner shop saying Home-made Ice cream 😀 (like mentioned in the video) we tried the ice cream sandwich, which was too yummy to be shared so went in my tummy! The outer layers were like wafers dipped in chocolate! The home-made ice cream was smooth and creamy with very well balanced sweetness.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 5.02.19 PM

Honestly, we were so enamoured with the place that we wanted to stay longer and after going through airbnb we came across places with 3 bedrooms, a sauna, a view etc at about Rs. 7000 a night! There were also small castles available or a wing of a castle available! Moffat is very well located – so if you are planning to go around Scotland and Highlands you should make it a one day spot for sure.

Wish we had the time to experience the following in Moffat  –

  1. The Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall. This hanging-valley waterfall is a beautiful sight which everyone recommends!
  2. The station park – which has boating and a recreational park!
  3. There is also a camping site where you can rent caravans to stay in – sounds like fun.
  4. Like all Uk towns Moffat has a small museum, a church and a tour of the woollen mill for people who like history.

It is difficult to explain as to how such a small place can make that big an impact – the vibe of the place, the happiness and calmness it brought, the friendly people, the prettiness – everything together just made us fall in love. So much so, that I decided to write about Moffat before any other place in United Kingdom!

Let me know if you plan to go or need any help. Would be writing about places which can be visited in UK for one day/ two day trips with things to do and see.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    So very true…..a beautiful small Scottish town, surounded by equally stunning countryside.

  2. verner kristensen says:

    we went up there and had a lovely week this year rented a cabin just outside town brilliant place

  3. Kanika phawa says:

    Looks amazing ! Will definitely next time in UK

  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad you enjoyed our icecream! Hope you can return to Moffat for another 🍦

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