Bangkok: Shopping Places you can’t miss!

So, I am a typical girl – shopping makes me happy! For me, the best part is, that Bangkok is usually an yearly or at least a once in 2 year trip – thanks to a whole lot of family staying there! Trust me when I say this – it is the best place for fashion clothes!!!!

The best time to go is October – March, otherwise it can get too hot or humid to enjoy Bangkok. Being well-versed with where the locals shops, I decided to jot down the best places to shop in Bangkok. Some are regular tourist places – which are a little over-rated and some are the not-so-common super cool street shopping places. Read on to know more –

1. Platinum Mall

This is by far the first name that will come to anyone’s mind if you are looking at Bangkok as a shopping destination. It is literally 2 malls only with fashion stuff. Every floor is dedicated to one particular category. Like 1st floor with ladies fashion, 4th floor for kids, one floor full of only accessories. It is literally a heaven for shopaholics. Just try and keep your friends in sight – it’s usually impossible to reunite if you guys don’t have a phone!

My favourite buy from here has been cool reflectors which I found for 150 baht – yes that is around 300 bucks!

2. Indira Market


Indira Market is a shopping paradise for wholesale shopping! If you are a group of girls and will buy in bulk – don’t go anywhere else. From the hottest dresses to smart shoes – you will find everything here, but, they only sell 3, 6 or 12 pieces of a similar thing. So go here only if you wan to pick up numbers! P.s. – the jewellery here is also good!

3. Asiatique ❤

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My absolute favourite place to shop in Bangkok! Its like sight seeing and shopping together – the best possible combination. Asiatique is like a shopping-cum-eating-cum-open market right next to a river! Brilliant ambiance, good food and great shopping – do you need anything else? There are things to do for kids, some massage places for people who get tired easily, food joints for the foodies and of course a lot of shopping options. I usually end up picking up jumpsuits and gowns from here for about 300 baht each.


This place opens up only after 4pm with an option of taking a ferry (10 mins ride) or you can drive there too.

4. Terminal 21

Time for a full fledged mall to show up on this list. This mall is super cute – every floor is dedicated to a particular city – the interior of that floor (to the extension of bathrooms) are as per that city!


Also, the ground floor has a couple of brands and as you go up the floors – you enter the prettiest parts with amazing local shopping! You cannot compare the prices to the street markets, but the stuff available here is also exclusive and a little more designer-ish. Overall it should be a must-visit in your list.

p.s. – It also has one of the longest escalator’s 🙂


5. Carrefour (near soi 26)

If you don’t have time to go to any of the wholesale markets – this can be your rescuer! You get lesser variety – but I feel a better one! Much like, if in Delhi you don’t have time to go to Sarojni Nagar or Janpath – just go to GK or Khan! The LG floor has a factory rejects shop (more like an open shop right in front of the escalator) – I have always picked up a lot of H&M dresses (which are usually on racks too), Old Navy sweatshirts for my brother and pretty skirts too!


If you go around the food court floor – there is a girl who sells latest shoes in 150 baht – you will find heels, ballerinas, flats everything! A lot of open stores have the typical Bangkok stuff laid out. I always end up picking up smart clothes from here and somehow the sizing here is better than other places.

6. Thursday Market – Tuesday & Thursday 6 am to 2 pm

Very specific days and timing make it a little difficult to catch this market but it’s the best for kids shopping, house decor and night suits! Try and look around the whole place before you start to pick up stuff – sometimes people have the same products.

7. Sum Phang Wholesale Market

This is known as the fabric wholesale market but it has everything under the sun! More like our Chandni Chowk where it has lanes and lanes full of all interesting stuff. One lane has clips, going into lane with only kids clothes, into one with only earrings and neckpieces and it goes on and on. It is a little far and a pain to get there and roam around, though I find it worth it!


Also if only shopping is your agenda, other places to be considered –

8. MBK

It’s an old name and everyone has heard about it – I think its over hyped, but if you are lucky you can find good stuff here. I don’t believe in fakes, hence, usually end up skipping this place but once I did find awesome designer lingerie here.

9. Amarin Plaza

More like a small mall with designer factory shops – might be a good idea to check up on the sales here online before going there. But a cute place with great bargains and shops.

10. Central World

Again an old name – lives upto it too! You can compare it our Shoppers Stop – with in house as well as other brands. Great place with everything together but don’t expect the Bangkok fashion shopping. Take your mom there for her shopping 😉

11. Night Market


Walk around in good weather with small shops with limited – interesting stuff! Usually a place where you can pick up small gifts and souvenirs. Think more like Dilli Haat 😀

Things to keep in mind if you shop in Bangkok –

a. Try and get there early, the later it gets the more crowded it gets! People will actually walk over you.

b. Be smart while you bargain – some shopkeepers have a great disliking towards Indians. They can be really rude and sometimes won’t want to entertain you because they feel that Indian’s just bargain and don’t buy. I usually prefer to pick up from places where the pricing is already displayed so that I don’t need to ask.

c. Carry a big bag. Makes it very simple to dump all the shopping, rather than hold so many carry bags!


d. Travel with old clothes and shoes. I actually take all my old clothes and then leave them all there and get my bags filled with a new collection 😀 No stress about baggage!

e. Careful with the sizing, mostly their sizes run small! Make sure you are wearing basic clothes – like a camisole and shorts or something. This just makes it easier to try on clothes you plan to buy over those. There are a lot of vendors who would let you do that, just ask and try before you buy.

Feel free to hit me up for any directions, help or even more suggestions!

Hope you enjoy your time in Bangkok! Happy Shopping :D!


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