11 Signs Proving You Are A Dancer

So, seeing how World Dance Day is getting celebrated surely makes me jealous of sitting on my desk doing my daily job without being able to DANCE! I decided I have to do something…here is my tribute 🙂

Here are the top 11 signs (in random order) that you are a dancer or have been one and some of them are specially if you have been one in India!


1. You are used to Dancing or Choreographing at EVERY wedding.

Note the emphasis on EVERY wedding – whether it is a friend’s wedding, a relative’s, a cousin’s, a cousin’s friend or a friend’s-friends’ wedding – you are going to get a call to choreograph/help/dance on their function!

2. Arabesque while you pick something from the floor

Dropped something on the floor? No problem, your leg will automatically go up in an arabesque while you reach out to pick it up! oww…sometimes it even hits a table behind you or pulls your hamstring!

3. You rehearse/imagine choreography in your head

I think this is the most common. Practice makes perfect and we can practice even in our head. Its absolutely normal to hear a song and imagine how you would choreograph it on stage with 50 other people or even just rehearse your dance in your head while you hear it!

4. You can break into a jig almost anywhere !

Hear a nice song in the mall? Of course you’ll do a little dance there…Funky song on the radio? You will dance like crazy in your car (better while you are driving) – You are used to weird stares and are totally comfortable with them while you do this 😉

5. You really know what it is like to work for free or peanuts

Money? Ummm… as long as you get to dance..and spread the message of dance you are ok with anything ! We are artists, we don’t work for money!

6. You know at least 2 people who made it to the reality shows

Dance India Dance, India’s Got Talent, Jhalak Dikhla Ja… the list is endless, and you have known atleast 2 people who have made it like contestants or choreographers in these. They are on your Facebook, and you invariable get to know they are in even before the show goes on air!

7. At least 3 who have their own institutes

Well yes, at least 3 people you know, left the institutes they were teaching at and have now opened up their own studios to teach dance! You enjoy looking at their pictures, liking their Facebook pages and even considering joining them sometimes.

8. You have joined SDIPA or The Danceworx at least once

This cannot hold more true for any dancer in India or Delhi at the least! Terms like SPB, Probation, Company member, OYP – have more meaning to you and your life than anyone else’s 😉

9. You’ve had a discussion with your family about how dance is a career option these days

This one is the toughest – ya well – dance can be a career now and it is difficult for people to understand that. You know how it felt when someone asks you what do you do at a family function and you say “Dance”, it will be followed by “and what else” (while you wonder where is time for anything else – because as per people it cannot be a full time profession! Half the battle is won when you make your family understand that – of course that takes a few debates, discussions, fights, tears and arguments but you know it was worth it!

10. School n College life would be incomplete without Dance

Your school or college life would not be half as interesting or meaningful if you were not a part of each and every annual day, teachers day, assembly dances, competitions, societies etc. It made you learn more than any other subject for sure!

11. This one is my favorite – Once a dancer always a dancer – your motto in life

Danced your way through life, but had to give it up for some reason or the other? This doesn’t make you feel any less of a dancer, you are still in touch with your Dance, keep yourself updated and truly believe that ONCE A DANCER, ALWAYS A DANCER!

Even as I write I come up with so many more…I guess they will have to wait for the next post..trying to keep it short and simple! I am sure my Dancer friends could relate to more than 3 of the signs above – do leave your feedback, suggestions, share it and help

🙂 Happy World Dance Day Everyone 🙂


27 Comments Add yours

  1. awesome…reminds me of my dancing days …Once a dancer, always a dancer(my fav quote too)

  2. poonam pathela says:

    True…..but not only dancers, even their mothers would relate to these points.In fact add a few of their own!

    1. Yukt says:

      I like this comment more than any other.

  3. anandita84 says:

    Thanks for the list. I ticked off each.
    Would love for you to check out my blog…maybe we can share some ideas

  4. Nikita says:

    O my god dis is so true , i hav all 11 traits

  5. Anurag says:

    Right said Fredd

  6. shagun sethi says:

    hahahaahah so truee

  7. Sidhant Srivastava says:

    Hi Latika

    Actually I am writing a novel, the protagonist is a guy from a traditional background, an IIT, he meets girl at a foreign language class. The girl has keen interest in dance. In the backdrop is the story of the guy and the girl and it reflects how different the two backgrounds are from each other and the struggles they have to undergo to make their relationship last. I want to know more about dance since I am a novice in that area. I would be really grateful if you could give me some insights on a dancer’s career and life.
    You can read some of my work at http://ihavenothingelseto.blogspot.in/ and contact me at https://www.facebook.com/sidhant.srivastava.35


  8. smrithi says:

    That moment when hearing a band, you start instantly dancing on the road… *proud to feel & say I’m a dancer too* 🙂

  9. priyanka says:

    Agreed…. abt own choreography, listening to any song in d car nd dancing wid full mood…Also once a dancer always will b a dancer…

  10. harsha says:

    i got 8 out of 11. probably means that i’m a dancer but a bad one. nevertheless, as dancer….

  11. Thank you everyone…*happy dance*…
    @harsha…once a dancer ..always a dancer..there are no bad dancers ;)…even if you could relate with only 1 out of 11…it means dance is important to you !

    1. Heta says:

      very true!
      “You rehearse/imagine choreography in your head” – so true!

  12. gaurav kumar says:

    i relate to all signs there….n i love it that..”once a dancer..always a dancer”…..right now am in my own business …being a boy i have to do it…but dance is my life….yes I AM A DANCER…n ALWAYS A DANCER….not a businessman>>>

  13. Great post. Loved reading it.
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  14. bhavna ganatra says:

    Yep … all d 11 are true … felt like dancing … while reading it !!!

  15. Prateek Aneja says:

    Oh my god this is so true…..I cant even tell you how much I loved this article. Especially the arabesque part :p….like really I dont even remember when was the last time I picked something normally ….the probation part and everyother thing…I have all 11 :D…thanx alot seriously its an awesome thing u wrote….

  16. Tracy-Lee says:

    I am. Naomi’s Mum and if u know The Danceworx then Naomi’s name is synonamous . I am a Dancers Mother and very proud to tick off all 11 boxes. I have always encouraged Naomi to follow her dreams and always do what you are passionate about! Every career is a Valid one because you are valid. If U Feel Good about what you do , that is the only thing that matters. You will be happpy! And it will show in what you DO. Some of you are not brave enough to do what is burning inside of you . You have given up Dancing because of the pressure of society, family etc.. I say to YOU; NOTHING is more important than feeling good about U as a person and NOTHING is more important than being Happpy.

  17. nidhi says:

    Omg its so true

  18. Bhavya Shah says:

    You were a part of SDIPA? 😜

    1. yes, still a part ..but as a student 🙂

  19. Rajni says:

    It s very true!!! Plz keep in touch

  20. Rajni says:

    Dance s my life!!!!

  21. nikhil badhe says:

    i can relate to almost each and every point
    best lines-“Danced your way through life, but had to give it up for some reason or the other? This doesn’t make you feel any less of a dancer, you are still in touch with your Dance, keep yourself updated and truly believe that ONCE A DANCER, ALWAYS A DANCER!”

    i had this experience and i alaays try to b in touch with it

    1. I am glad ! #KeepDancing 🙂

  22. Richa Vohra says:

    This is a wonderfully written article. Got such a big smile on my face reminiscing the dancing days.
    Not thing to be totally added would be shouting give six seven eight before the start of any routine. Tough to let go of this habit 😀

    1. Haha that is so true Richa ! I say 5,6,7,8 before starting anything 🙈

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