A Gourmet Meal to Remember :)

A Friday evening after a crazy week in office, is always welcome! Decided to take mom out on a date to get out of work mode & start the weekend. She made a reservation at Threesixty @ Oberoi, New Delhi as a part of the TimesCity Gourmet Week. 
This had a pre-fixed 3 course menu with wine at a special price; but the experience we had was just out of this world!


Here is a small glimpse of almost all that we had (we were too hungry to click all the dishes) & the rating: Food 9/10, Ambiance 9/10, Service 11/10 😀

A Gourmet Meal to Remember!
A Gourmet Meal to Remember!

Read on for a full review:

Got pleasant greetings by the guy who ushered us to the table. We got the special menu & got thoroughly confused as it had so many options! Finally, we decided on the Goat cheese & Ricotta Salad with aged balsamic and poached figs & the Vegetable Gilawati Kebab!

image_1  The salad was good – Goat cheese was as soft & heavy as it is, but the poached figs were missing 😦 The waiter politely got us a full bowl of figs, when this was pointed out. It was the right way to start the meal…because we did not know what was ahead..waiting for us!



The Veg Gilawati kebab was cooked to perfection, melted in the mouth and could give a non-veg kebab a run for its money (coming from a hard-core non-vegetarian)



Moving on to the main course.

This was the easiest to choose: Steamed Fish with Lemon Grass, Kaffir lime & birds eye chilli & Herb Roast Chicken with Olive Mash (for the dieting me)

Steamed Fish

Roast Chicken






The Fish was yummylicious…tender, not over-cooked, not under-cooked, awesome flavors – one of the best fish I have had! This has to be a must-try!

The Herb Roast Chicken on the other hand, looked right out of the Masterchef Kitchen but the taste did not do total justice. The first piece (leg piece) I started with was a little undone which was disappointing but the other part of the dish lived upto expectations. The Olive mash requires a special mention.

By this time, we had eaten too much, got refills of our wine(on the house) and were totally stuffed, we could not move! The chef very sweetly came up the table to get reviews & feedback with a Lemon & Thyme sorbet *cant watch*(just for cleansing the palate and was more than happy to help us with the dessert selection as well.

“We have a major sweet tooth & we can have fights when it comes to Chocolate desserts + my mom is diabetic” – this was the brief given to the chef, and he politely took permission to get us desserts of his choice! Couldn’t be happier! I don’t have words to describe the desserts he served us! OH ya! Not to forget the “liquid desserts” in the form of baileys on the rocks which he got as well!

p.s. – these were not  a part of the menu …he just got us his favourites

image_8 image_9 image_10

Belgium Cake: Dark chocolate cake with coconut-ish ice cream…drooooooooooool!

Warm Peacanut Tart: The best tart ever, so soft & moist…no crumbles…low on sweetness…total delight!

Liquid Desserts: Baileys… Served cold… so good that my Mom could not resist either!

To add to all this: My Mom was given a gift – a special token of love from Oberoi’s! She was just on cloud 9(she has been telling the story of how nice they were to her to every relative :/)! Not because of anything else, but she really felt the warmth and found this gesture very hospitable – which is very difficult to find in the “hospitality ” industry these days.

Oh, I almost forgot the green tea that they served…trying to help us digest everything 🙂

All in all! A great time with good food, perfect company & awesome hospitality. I couldn’t have asked for more. Oberoi’s surely has gained one regular customer!


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  1. Jasmine says:

    wow!!!! you sure have tempted most of the readers to go and indulge in this gourmet experience and enjoy the ever famous Oberoi speciality!!! Beautifully written !!!!

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